Monday, 15 July 2013

Earth my body, water my blood, air my breath, fire my spirit.

The earth is healing me day in and day out. She is like a never ending battery that is just happy to give me all that I need. Giving me the tools that I need to build my world with, growing from the seeds that she has taught me to nurture through action. Her energy has taught me to shield and heal anyone and anything, both in this world and in others. Feeling the soul the rest's within the body of all things. She helps me to communicate with the spirits of the earth, the fae and the realms of slower and darker energy. Her being is the depths of the dark still centre hidden in the perpetual moment. Feel this place in the depths by the love of the earth you find that there is a whole other world that is filled with a magick all it's own.

The water feeds and nurtures me day in and day out. She cleanses my spirit and clears my feelings so that I can work with my intuition. She embraces me when I am low and she pushes away with awesome power, that which would harm me. Her energy has made me intuitive and allows me to feel with clarity what I need to do. She has taught me to push and pull like a tide and I have learnt how to flood areas with emotion and drain others. Her heart is in the flow of the moment as she moves, showing me how to remain in one place and move to another all at the same time, Her realm in the depths of the dark is filled with emotion and feeling where you feel with you heart to find where you are, a world that is filled with a magick all it's own.

The air fills me and frees me day in and day out. He clears my mind and channels my ideas so that I can manifest my thoughts. He moves me when I am still and shows me the flow of thought showing me that I can affect change from a distance with a simple breath or word. Freeing my spirit that I may fly with him going to see places and be filled with light. He has taught me to be invisible and free from the world that holds us in the moments that we feel we can't escape. I let his breath guide me and show me the words of power that effect change, in his world of light you can see and feel with your body the rush of the invisible folk, listen to the invisible words and find your way in a world that is filled with a magick all it's own

The fire blazes in my spirit day in and day out . He powers my passions and empowers my desire, guiding my actions with feeling's of what I should do. He teaches me to protect that which is sacred to me and reminds me to be warm and kind to those that are in need of empowering. He guides me in the realms of love and lights the sacred fires within my soul, giving me the strength to love myself and the others around me. If I see him he reminds me that my power is not something to be afraid of only respected and used in times when it is called upon. I let him burn me a path to the realms of light where you move with caution and respect of the great power that exists there, a world with a magick all it's own.

Blessed are the spirits they watch over me day in and day out. I am part of them and they are all in me, part for part I am now the fifth.

Blessed Be

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